Products & Packaging

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and professional, seasoned industry veterans we have the ability to accomplish any blending task your company may require. Whether you have an established product line and are in need of additional production capacity, or you are starting a new product line to introduce to the market, we are here to help you every step of the way. From product color matching to packaging selection and graphics design, we can help bring your product from concept to reality quickly and efficiently.

We have the ability to coordinate your labeling and packaging needs.

  • Simple crack-and-peel type labels
  • Dry-Offset Printing
  • Silk Screen for rigid pails We are very flexible and willing to accommodate
  • Heat-Transfer Printing for high-end design any other packaging requirements you may have.
  • Rigid Pails
  • Pasted-Valve Bags

We are very flexible and willing to accommodate any other packaging requirements you may have.

Product Options

  • Purchase varying grades / multiple sieve rates of kiln-dried sand, bulk gray or white Portland, etc. directly from
    our storage silos.
  • Purchase your own raw materials, bulk or bagged, and have them shipped to our location. We will blend your bagged product through our bag dump station.

We are very flexible and well stocked to accommodate any sequencing of your blending requirements with addition of major or minor admixtures including pigments, polymers, etc. We can custom color-match virtually any shade with our selection of raw iron oxide, chromium oxide, and titanium oxide pigments.